Adaptive instruction

Art for everyone!

Benefits of Expressive Arts  



I. Expressive Arts helps build interpersonal Relationship skills by experiencing how to collaborate with others and team work.


  • Developing communication skills

  • Learning to compromise with others

  • Working together to execute and problem-solve elements of design

  • Sharing workspace and maintaining a healthy working environment


II. Expressive Arts can help enhance vocational development by learning to market and sell artwork.


  • Targeting specific audiences

  • Creating an artist statement

  • Managing money/ budgets

  • Social media (advantages and dangers)



III. Expressive Arts increases Self Expression by building self esteem, self awareness, and self help skills.

  • Learn to use expressive arts as modality cope with everyday stressors

  • Communicate thoughts and ideas that are difficult to express verbally

  • Use as daily/ regular exercise to focus and self-sooth



IV. Expressive Arts can help developing new artistic skills by learning how to use a variety of fine art materials.


  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Sculpture

  • Mixed media/ collage

  • Ceramics

  • Weaving/ fiber arts

  • Photography

  • Jewelry making

  • Fused / stained glass


* Shoe Town Art Center offers all of their enrolled students the ability to sell artwork on their website through our online store as well as showcase their artist statement of purpose and biography.




The founder of Shoe Town Art Center Emily Lawrence-Boulger, believes that every individual is a learner and that everyone has the ability to create.


Being in the field of special education for so many years, Emily has noticed there are not many after school opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.


This is the primary reason why Emily was inspired to open Shoe Town Art Center. She wanted a place for all people to feel welcome, regardless of their skill level or needs.  Emily’s experience and advanced education allows her to work comfortably with students  and support a variety of populations including individuals with intellectual, social-emotional and behavioral disabilities.


For students with behavioral disabilities, Emily utilizes the principals of applied behavioral analysis to break down the concepts of art projects into smaller meaningful components.  This enables her to provide concrete instruction to teach new skills and then build upon them.


For individuals with social-emotional disabilities, Emily uses a therapeutic approach focused on creating a comfortable learning environment where her students are free to explore their own creative process.  Then, when students are ready to move on in the process, she can begin introducing new lessons and expanding on the students’ knowledge.


It goes without saying, that every student is unique and will benefit from individualized instruction. We will do our best to accommodate and modify our instruction to meet the needs of each of our students.


Shoe Town Art Center

200 Merrimack Street

2nd Floor

Haverhill, MA 01832


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