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Since we opened our doors in 2010, we've been committed to helping people pursue their love for art and creativity. With our passionate faculty, exceptional staff and a talented student community, we're confident in the education, guidance and network you will find here.

Shoe Town Art Center provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate, encourage and inspire creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success. Browse through our site and course offerings menu to learn more about what we have to offer.

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To ensure we keep our students and community up-to-date, we’ve compiled our latest news coverage and announcements below. Check back often for the latest information, and get in touch with questions.

Pottery Class


August 25, 2021

We are happy to announce Course Registration! We are offering open enrollment for small group and  private art classes for children, teens, and adults in all areas including  painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery and more! To check out our courses go to our Course Offerings page for more information!

Pottery Workshop


Updated May July 10, 2020

We are very happy to announce that Shoe Town Art Center is reopening our doors to in person classes starting on July 18!

All classes that were shut down due to COVID-19 will resume as previously scheduled, but we added some policies and procedures mandated by the federal and State government. This includes limiting the number of people (including students and staff) allowed in each studio/room, all students need to come wearing masks, everyone has to wear a mask at all times (staff/ students/ parents etc.) and until further notice the waiting area will be cleared and no one is allowed to gather in there. You are however allowed to come in and drop off your child for class, and we will be providing some areas in the private studios for families of single households to wait if needed on a first come first serve basis due to limited space. 

Due to these new mandates our registration form has changed. We are asking you to complete the form as soon as possible (no later than 10 days) as it is required prior to returning. Students whose classes were interrupted due to COVID-19 will have first priority to re-enrollment. We are also continuing to have an online class during the weekday for students who are not ready to return to the in-person setting. It is very important to complete the form as soon as possible because classes are limited, we will not be able to guarantee a spot if it is not completed or returned within a 10-day period.  

All registration forms will be sent in a separate email through DOCUSIGN to avoid mailing and handling of any paperwork. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again, feel free to contact me directly with any questions. 

Thank you,

Shoe Town Art Center Team



March 13, 2020

We are currently enrolling Weekday and Weekend courses here at Shoe Town Art Center. We offered group and individual classes for children, teens and adults in a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, drawing, expressive arts fiber arts, drawing and much more. Check out our course offerings page!

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February 2, 2020

Here at Shoe Town Art Center we offer Art Therapy and Expressive Arts sessions.

The founder of Shoe Town Art Center Emily Lawrence-Boulger, believes that every individual is a learner and that everyone has the ability to create.

Being in the field of special education for many years, Emily has noticed there are few to no after school opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.

This is the primary reason why Emily was inspired to open Shoe Town Art Center. She wanted a place for all people to feel welcome, regardless of their skill level or needs.  Emily’s experience and advanced education allows her to work comfortably with students and support a variety of populations including individuals with intellectual, social-emotional and behavioral disabilities.

For students with behavioral disabilities, Emily utilizes the principals of applied behavioral analysis to break down the concepts of art projects into smaller meaningful components.  This enables her to provide concrete instruction to teach new skills and then build upon them.

For individuals with social-emotional disabilities, Emily uses a therapeutic approach focused on creating a comfortable learning environment where her students are free to explore their own creative process.  Then, when students are ready to move on in the process, she can begin introducing new lessons and expanding on the students’ knowledge.

It goes without saying, that every student is unique and will benefit from individualized instruction. We will do our best to accommodate and modify our instruction to meet the needs of each of our students.

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