We will be hosting a summer camp for kids ages 6 to 14 from July 22 until July 26 from 10AM until 12:30PM. The camp will take place at Shoe town Art Center in the main studio and painting studio. 


The students will be working with a variety of fina arts materials design and create thier main project of a self portrait. 


Day 1: learning proportions + build canvas

Day 2: learning shadows and highlights/ start grissile

Day 3: finish grissile/ add color

Day 4: work on portrait

Day 5: final portrait/ reflection on painting

Day 6: art show of portraits for family of students


Students will also be given the opportunity to learn about other mediums such as ceramics, pottery, drawings, and various styles of painting and  sculpture. 


PAyment and registration is required to reserve a space. We will run only if minimum requirement is reached.


Summer Camp for Kids!


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